Happy Children’s Day

Welcome to June and greetings from Shanghai! Thank you to everyone for Christoph’s lovely birthday wishes. We had a quiet weekend in Shanghai and absolutely loved it. June 1 is also International Children’s Day and so there were many parties throughout the city in celebration of all the little ones in the world.

We had a slow start on June 1 and after a leisurely breakfast together, Christoph headed off to the dentist while I made my way to a kid’s birthday party. After our various outings, we circled back home for a much-needed apero of G+T and nibbles. This was followed by a global picnic dinner of some of our favourite things; crackers and dips from Australia, cheese from England, wine from Italy and chocolates from Switzerland. It was luxuriously decadent; Christoph’s perfect birthday meal and a representation of how small our world has become.

Kumihimo: who knew strings could look so fancy? They can be bracelets or necklaces.

Kumihimo: who knew strings could look so fancy? They can be bracelets or necklaces.

So now, what’s with June? Christoph is working full throttle on his factory project shuttling between Shanghai, Jiaxing and Mainburg. I’m quite booked up with kids’ activities, volunteering work and crafts. My newest learning is kumihimo which will be added to my list of ‘Skills I Have But Can Not Earn Any Money From’, hihihi. June will keep me mostly running around but also a little sad as a good friend, VB, will be repatriating back to Australia at the end of the month. There may be some shedding of tears but that is the Shanghai life. People are constantly coming and going and we try to get used to it but that still doesn’t make it any easier. I’ll have to go friend-finding... again. sigh

On with other June news, here’s this month’s challenge if you’re up for it:


I’m going to try my best to not be a collector of plastic bags. We‘ve already stopped using plastic straws since a few months, instead we use these metal straws we bought in Australia, and I always have my trusty re-usable carry bags with me for those small purchases. Also, I always have my re-fillable water bottle with me so in a way, I‘m almost half-way through the program. Let’s see how much more we can do about reducing our plastic use by the end of the month ;o)