Incredible India was Incident-free!

We had a very successful trip to India and can report that we did not succumb to any tummy issues! AND the food was awesome!!!! It was so wonderful seeing DR and JE again and with them living in Mumbai, it was great to get local knowledge about Indian cuisine. I learnt so much albeit not being able to pronounce many of the dishes but definitely knowing much more than before we went to India.

We spent the first couple of days in Mumbai which was a great contrast to Bangkok. Both cities have big populations but Mumbai is certainly lagging behind with its infrastructure. I'm sure the majority of Indians are hoping for more progress and development for their country and I hope it will come soon to benefit its citizens.

We then headed to Agonda Beach in south Goa. It's a very laid back place with simple accommodations on the beach. We loved it. The pace was slow, quiet and peaceful. I really hope that it can stay that way for as long as possible because such untouched beaches get commercialized too quickly these days. Here are some photos from our stay.

We thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with of DR and JE, the weather was wonderful and the food was consistently tantalizing. What more could we have asked for?