Summer of ‘19

I am a few posts overdue due to an excellent summer spent in Berlin and Spain. After our Berlin visitors, Christoph and I had a few days together to enjoy outings on our bikes under the sun. Christoph then went back to work whereas I went to Bilbao to start my trip through Spain. My very first trip to Europe was in 2005 and I was able to spend a week in Madrid and Barcelona, both of which I loved. This time round I had three weeks in total and split my trip into three legs. First leg was Bilbao and San Sebastian, second leg was a road trip from Malaga to Valencia and the third leg was Mallorca. I originally planned it as a solo trip but told my various friends of my summer plan and gave everyone an open invitation to join me. In the end, I count myself truly lucky to have such wonderful travel keen friends as I serendipitously had a travel buddy for each leg of my trip! Thank you MP, SS and RR for keeping me company, allowing me to use my bad Spanish and for simply being lovely human beings.

I drove 1,478 kms with SS from Malaga to Valencia with my random route.

I drove 1,478 kms with SS from Malaga to Valencia with my random route.

My two wishes for Bilbao was to visit the Guggenheim Museum and to see what all the fuss was about San Sebastian. I now understand why people visit these two places. The Guggenheim blew me away and San Sebastian was so picturesque. Malaga to Valencia was a road trip so I could discover why so many people retire to southern Spain and to visit the Alhambra Palace. I now also understand why and appreciate the reasons and many ways in which people live in southern Spain. The Alhambra also blew me away, it was magnificent in every way. I felt overwhelmed by the architecture, craftsmanship and history; it’s truly amazing. Finally Mallorca was a rest stop with a couple of visits with contacts RR and I had there. We rented a car for a day and drove the western coastline which was spectacular, had dinner on a little terrace in a little village. Beautiful.

I am now back in Berlin with Christoph who arrived yesterday. China is celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival which gives Christoph a few days off. Summer is over but being together again after four weeks apart makes the time here just as sweet. So while we hang out in Berlin, here are some images from my Spanish trip.

Update: This comes after I uploaded my blog post and I am shocked by the news of the floods in Spain. The areas affected were areas that SS and I drove through and got to meet and talk to people who live there. I hope that they are keeping safe.