Summer Fun

Christoph and I have been thoroughly enjoying our time in Berlin; the slow mornings, long walks, various coffee houses and just being outdoors in the warmth and under clear blue skies makes us happy.

Last Tuesday, we took a train to Hamburg, stayed overnight and visited Christoph’s mum the next day. We had lunch at the Hotel Atlantic which, I didn’t know at the time, is an iconic landmark in Hamburg. It’s also iconic for being the home to Udo Lindenberg, an über famous German rocker, musician and composer who has lived in the hotel for 23 years! So cool!

After lunch we took a walk around the Alster and gawked at the many huge mansions on Schöne Aussicht (that’s the street name, ‘Beautiful View’) and Bellevue (another street meaning ‘Beautiful View’). We stopped frequently for drinks and to watch the people running, walking and paddling by. A great way to spend the day.

We then visited Christoph’s mum in Bordeshölm the next day and had another relaxed and easy time together. In the afternoon, we took the train from Bordeshölm to Hamburg with a connection to Berlin. We arrived with an hour to spare and decided to grab light dinner before taking our 20:34h train. We were back at the station at 20:30h to find out that our train had been delayed and due to depart at the new time of 21:50h. Ugh. There was a brief storm earlier in the day and the delay involved the fire department. Christoph had a sneaky suspicion that the delay will be longer so we went to see if we could rent a car. Two car rental places had run out of cars and we finally found one that technically didn’t have anything left but the nice man at the counter freed a car up for us. 21:00h we were in a car and on the way back to Berlin. While on the road, we kept an eye on the train schedule and saw that the train had indeed been delayed once again, due to depart at 23:15h to arrive in Berlin at 01:30h. You can just imagine how glad we were that we didn’t sit around and wait for the train.

Top and clockwise: Christoph learning about film sets, the garden from a TV story, a typical scene from the Middle Ages, the set for the Three Musketeers show.

Top and clockwise: Christoph learning about film sets, the garden from a TV story, a typical scene from the Middle Ages, the set for the Three Musketeers show.

We got back to Berlin very tired but happy that it worked out somehow. As we had the car for 24 hours, we thought to make the most of it. We ran errands in the morning and in the afternoon, drove out to the Babelsberg Filmpark which is attached to the famous Babelsberg Film Studios. The Babelsberg Film Studios are ‘the Hollywood studios’ of Germany and according to Wikipedia are ‘the oldest large-scale film studios in the world, producing films since 1912’. We always thought to take a look but one needs a car to get there or else it’s a very long bus ride. So off we went to the Filmpark. This is my description of it: You know those B-rated horror movies where a group of friends break into an abandoned theme park and find themselves getting murdered one after the other by a psychotic themepark caretaker? Well this would be the perfect setting. The Filmpark was built in 1991 but feels much older. It has various interactive shows; the stunt show at the volcano, the animal show, the three musketeers... all performed by the same people ;o) If you have a chance, there are many other things to see in Potsdam, you can skip this ‘highlight’.