It’s Easter Time

We hope everyone is enjoying their Easter breaks and relishing the abundance of chocolate eggs and bunnies!

Christoph and I are making the most of the short time off with him visiting his mum in Germany in between work while I meet up with my sister in Bangkok and Australian friends in Hoi An. (I get to try out my Visa Exemption Certificate for Vietnam for the first time!)

We’ve so far, had a very satisfying although busy first quarter which made me realise how the year is going to zip past me if I don’t pay attention. How did the Year of the Dog become the Year of the racing Greyhound? There isn’t much else to report for now except that Shanghai is still treating us well.

Cultural events pop up frequently. Museums and galleries are continually opening. We have good friends around us and I am gradually establishing myself with my volunteer work. All round life isn’t treating us too shabbily. However, I want to make a point in saying that we do have our challenges and obstacles in life as well. We regularly share our mishaps and moments of uncertainty with friends but who wants to read that stuff online? We’re known to endeavour to stay positive and make the most of every situation presented to us. A positive attitude isn’t a guarantee for eternal happiness but it helps substantially to lessen the burden. I’ll end with something I saw at the markets yesterday: ‘Life is like a bicycle, to balance, you need to keep moving forward.’ Anon.