‘Ring Out The False, Ring In The True’

The above quote is from Alfred Lord Tennyson and I like it for the start to 2018. 2017 seems to have been a ‘non’ year for most of our friends and family; neither successful nor unsuccessful but a drumming on of life. I hope that negative habits can be put aside for at least one new positive habit, less stress and more joy. With all that is happening on the world arena, I also hope that we can move forward this year with understanding, tolerance and love for our fellow earthlings.

Christoph and I had a very full 2017 but overall, we think that it was a good one for us. We try to find quiet when we can and indulge in the little things that make us happy, eg. whenever we go to our Berlin apartment, we love that the tap water is potable! It’s the appreciation for the little things that make us realise how lucky we are :o)

Taking a walk through our Kiez on the first day of 2018.

Taking a walk through our Kiez on the first day of 2018.

We anticipate 2018 to be another full year for Christoph on the work front but with our many years of China experience, we know that we will also need to work hard at finding a work-life balance. We have a few trips lined up with friends and family over the course of the year ahead which we are very much looking forward to and will definitely cherish. Having great conversations, hearty laughter and good food will always make us happy!

Happy start to 2018 everyone and hope to speak, see or hug you soon!