Hello July!

I'm in Berlin! Yay! Apart from the grey and wet weather, we still love being here. Christoph and I spent the weekend enjoying our apartment and neighbourhood markets. He's unfortunately already at the airport on his way back to Shanghai but we'll see each other again in three weeks.

I haven't planned too much for my two months in Europe but I know that by the end of it, I'll be surprised at how fast time went by. For now, I'm taking it day by day with slow mornings which usually begin with breakfast while reading the news; quite a depressing way to start the day when you think about all the mess that's occurring too regularly in the world. Most recent highlight was the girl who shot her boyfriend (stunt gone wrong) for Youtube fame. Where is our society heading?

In reality, that was not my highlight at all. Instead it was an interesting statistic in a small article about Australia.
"According to the census results released this week, one in two Australians are now either born overseas or have a parent who was born overseas, and that cohort is more likely to have roots in Asia than Europe for the first time since colonization."
Now that's something for my brain to chew on.

So, happy start-of-summer to everyone in the northern hemisphere and hope all our friends and family get to spend as much time as possible with those who make their hearts sing :o)