Too Much Of A Good Thing

I’m still riding around Shanghai on the bike-sharing bikes but these days it’s become a little more difficult to find a non-damaged bike. What is it about some people that if it doesn’t belong to you, then you think you don’t have to look after it?

What started out as a great idea; reduce car-use, encourage physical activity, create a sense of community etc, has quickly turned into a headache for many locals. There are so many bicycles in the city that they are now congesting walkways and creating havoc on roads and foot paths. Bikes that have been parked on the sidewalk sometimes get knocked over or are wind-blown to land onto roads where cars then have to drive around them... if seen in time.

Unsightly street scenes

Unsightly street scenes

Throughout the city, you’ll run into particular foot paths that have turned into dumping grounds for bikes, damaged or not. What I don’t like happening is that so many bikes are damaged and riding them is a hazard in itself and although I report defects, I’m not sure the bike will get fixed as it seems that throwing the bikes away has become a better solution than to actually fix the bikes :o(

I’m really hoping the authorities will come up with a strategy for the share-bikes soon. Either have designated parking areas or have the bike companies fine you if you don’t park the bike correctly. It makes me sad to see such a good idea turn into such a waste of resources while revealing the innate character of some people...