Happy Days!

Greetings from Down Under! I'm in warm, sunny Perth and thoroughly enjoying my days in the sun :-) Christoph joins me tomorrow and we'll have two weeks in Australia; Perth and Sydney. It's Chinese New Year on Jan 28 and so it'll be good fun to be able to celebrate it with my family.

My stand-in breakfast companion until Christoph gets here ;-) 

I've also been dying to get to the beach and couldn't wait to jump into the ocean. However, it was most definitely a shock to the system as I've been away from Perth for so long that I forgot how cold the water is! Brrr! Christoph looks forward to not jumping into icy water but to soaking in some fabulous sunshine and indulging in many great Aussie breakfasts. Oh and he'll get to actually see the house that he owns now ;-)