Taking A Breather

It's been an ultra busy month for Christoph and I and my apologies for neglecting my blog in that time. We have settled nicely into our home and have been diligent in trying to create a good routine for ourselves in looking after our health and balancing our work and social life.

However, as with the hectic pace of China, we were very relieved that the Mid-Autumn Festival public holiday gave us a chance to get away from Shanghai for a few days. Christoph definitely needed a breather; so what better way to recuperate than to sleep, eat, swim and get plenty of massages? We loved being back in Bangkok and kept wondering why we ever left?

After the weekend, we now both feel rested, refreshed and ready for the what lies ahead. Christoph is already back at work getting ready for the company's official opening this week, an event that I'm disappointed that I won't be there for. Instead, I have a trip through Thailand and Myanmar with my sisters that was planned half a year ago. I arrived in Chiang Mai this morning and will be making my rendez-vous with them in a few hours. All in all, there's a lot of exciting things happening all round. I will keep you posted.