Moving Soon!

I've been in Shanghai for about a week and have been really happy to be back. I'm in the midst of organising my teaching schedule for the month and taking up Ikebana classes again. Christoph is still in the set up phase of the company's China office which keeps him busy each day. Even with such a full week, we've happily been able to catch up with our friends here as well as those who travel through Shanghai frequently. It's always wonderful to be surrounded by familiar faces and have great conversations together.

My highlight of the month will be when we move. I'm really looking forward to having our own apartment soon; even though the hotel has been very good for what we've needed so far. I can understand how hotel living is the zenith in terms of convenience and service but for me, I miss having a kitchen and complete privacy. Christoph admits that if it weren't for me, he'd live in a hotel indefinitely- it's the ultimate bachelor pad!

So I will get on with it and start filling our suitcases with our belongings and work out how to move this washing machine! ;-)