The Land of Anhs

After a semi-quick stopover in Berlin; well just enough time to remind me that I suffer from very bad hayfever but also enough time to show me how beautiful Spring is in Europe, I'm on the road again.

While Christoph headed back to Shanghai from a recent business trip, I'm making my way to Vietnam for an entire month. I'm meeting my sister Linh in Ho Chi Minh City and we plan to traipse around the country exploring... and eating!

I don't know how many Anhs you might know but in Vietnam it is a very common (or popular, depends on how you look at it) name. Anh is actually unisex and so there are lots of guys named Anh as well. Anh is also the title you give someone to call him 'elder brother'. I'm bracing myself for the impact of seeing and hearing my name everywhere! What fun! Keep posted for Vietnam updates this month :-)