Shanghai Update

It was great catching up with Christoph’s family and joining in on the festive birthday celebrations, however, we may have partied too hard as we both returned with the sniffles and sore throats! Oh well…

Many things are happening though and we try to keep up and keep productive. It’s an exciting, albeit extremely busy, time for Christoph as the company recently received its business licence and everything is now full steam ahead. After working solo for a while, it’s a huge relief for Christoph to soon have a team behind him to get things up and running. What’s also very exciting is that we apply for our residency visas next week. This will mean that we can stay for longer than a month each time we are in town and can finally rent an apartment! Yay! It will be sad to leave the hotel but by the end of June, it will have been 9 months of living in a hotel… long enough for me thank you.

While Christoph is flat out with work, I’ve been trying to strum up something for myself and started teaching Hotel English to the trainees at the hotel we are staying in. Thus far, it’s only twice a week but the sessions give me the opportunity to stay connected to my industry and share my passion for hospitality. I also started learning Ikebana, Japanese flower arranging, which I find totally intriguing. I am not a creative person and have always been terrible at flower arranging. Many people are complete naturals with blooms, but for me, I am without a clue! I will keep you posted on how the classes go.