The Word Around Town Is...

I have been in Perth for a few days now and have been enjoying catching up with my various siblings and seeing how they are all doing. So far, I am happy to report that my mum and dad seem to have done a great job in providing us with the education, tools and advice we needed to ensure that we each had a good chance for a positive future. Good job Mum and Dad :-)

It was Father's Day today in Australia and so my siblings and I decided to go out to lunch and have pho in celebration of our Dad. The resturant we chose was in the heart of a Vietnamese neighbourhood; I mean where else would you go for good traditional pho? What ended up happening was that we ran into a few of our old customers from the days when we had our family restaurant and I learnt something new about myself.

Below is the gist of a conversation we had:

Friend: Wow! Hello everyone! Wow everyone is here! You all look great!
Us: Hello uncle (polite greeting term for any older gentleman). How are you? Good to see you. It's been a long time.
Friend: Yes, it's been long. And Anh, wow you look so skinny! You were very fat before... and so skinny now.
Me: Um, yes. I was fat. Thank you for noticing uncle.

The conversational exchange goes on for a bit with each of us updating the family friend on where we are and what we are doing and it ends with:

Friend: Yes, so good to see you all! Anh, ah so skinny!

We bade good bye to the uncle when shortly thereafter, one of our real uncles came in for lunch with his family... and guess what he said?

Uncle: Oh Anh, haven't seen you for so long. You not fat anymore! So nice!

After lunch, I asked my brothers if I am known as the fat Ly sister and it was confirmed, that yes, I am known as the fat Ly girl while Linh is the small Ly girl. Oh well...