Croatian Discovery

Since getting back from Croatia, it has been a non-stop week showing our friend TL around Berlin, me recovering from a stomach flu and Christoph darting off to meetings ever so often. Croatia was really stunning. The places that we visited had a great mix of history, beaches and gastronomical delights. Each aspect fit in well with each of us and made the trip truly wonderful.

Our itinerary started in Dubrovnik, of which I have heard only good things about and all of them true! What a beautiful city! Walking on the City Wall and taking the cable car up to Srd were definitely highlights. TL participated in a Game of Thrones Walking Tour, so for those fans out there, apparently Dubrovnik is the place where it's all happening.

We then took the fast ferry to Hvar which is a very pretty island where people come to party. The ferry ride took 4.5 hours and only started operating this year, it would have otherwise, taken us 9 hours! On our first evening we actually threw caution to the wind and went to Carpe Diem, an open-air bar/club/disco on a little island across the water from Hvar that boasts itself as 'the place to go to' or 'the Ibiza of Croatia'. All in all, it was meh. We eventually spent the rest of our time on the beautiful beaches soaking up the sunshine and atmosphere.

After a couple of days of island life, we ferried back to the mainland and visited Split. What a captivating this city was. We stayed within the walls of the Diocletian's Palace and loved how the city had, and is still being, restored. From morning until evening, the city buzzed with activity and music. Just walking through the narrow streets offered up new discoveries each day.

From Split we took a bus to Zadar which was such a wonderful surprise. We were only there for one night but found the small city to be full of promise. One particular highlight was the Sea Organ which is a huge organ that is played by the sea currents and wind. There is no particular piece of music that it plays but simply through nature, a kind of harmony is produced. Crowds gather there each evening to watch the sun setting to the musical sounds of the organ.

We then hopped on a plane and flew 30 minutes to Pula, by bus it would have taken us over 6 hours :-) Pula is home to the world's 6th largest amphitheater. The Pula Arena was awe-inspiring with construction between 27 BC until 68 AD. While we were there, a crew was setting the Arena up for a dance party. We marveled at the Temple of Augustus which was built in the 1st century.

From Pula we flew back to Berlin where Linh, TL and I had about a week before we all went our separate ways but will all meet again in Perth very soon! I am now already in Perth, Australia having said farewell to the European summer and Christoph for three weeks. Luckily, he has been busy with his consulting work while enjoying some time off as well. But before we get into that, here are some images of beautiful Croatia.