Post - Canal Cruising

What a wonderful trip we had with RR and HR! We made it to our drop-off location in one piece and as the technician commented, "The boat's still floating, so that's a good sign."

We cruised at a maximum speed of 8km per hour and went through 66 locks. We picked up the boat at Négra and dropped it off at Argens. The first few locks were tricky but as we had read, it did indeed get easier with more practice. On our last day, we only had 6 locks to navigate through which left us slightly disappointed as we had become so adept at the manouvers ;o)

The boat was a penichette and handled really well. We had a fully functioning kitchen and each person had their own room to spread out in. It's not a holiday for everyone as the cruising speed isn't action-packed and if it rained, it would be quite miserable. But for us, it was a great mix of historical sites, serene nature, perfect weather, almost no crowds and being outdoors and active. We loved it!

Here are photos of the beautiful week we had in sunny southern France.