Wrapping Things Up!

I think I now know how it would feel like to live in a desert. Yesterday's reading of 'Feels Like' hit 44 degrees. We've now had a couple of weeks of these scorching and unrelenting temperatures and I must say, it's all very draining. By the time I get home from class each day, I am completely knackered and drenched in sweat. Even when you do nothing but stand outside, you sweat. Stand in the train with full air-conditioning, you sweat. Breathe, you sweat.

On the plus side, other than combatting the weather each day, we have also started to wrap things up here! I have exactly one day of class left and then one big exam to sit. Then as of this Friday, I am free! Free as a bird! Free free free! Can you tell that I've had enough German lessons? ;-)

We now have 6 days until we fly and I can't deny that we are both REALLY looking forward to getting to Berlin! Escaping the heat! Being in our own apartment! Catching up with family and friends! Woohoo! Have a great week and hopefully, we'll see you soon... in Berlin!