Our Neighbourhood (in Berlin)

Christoph arrived back from a recent business trip and couldn't wait to show me this YouTube clip. It's about Swabians living in Berlin. The parody is very funny (and quite true!) and even though I enjoyed it, I still find the dialect almost impossible to decipher! Berliners and Swabians are decidedly different, and if you speak German you might enjoy this little video clip.

For our non-German friends, Swabia is at the south-western tip of Germany. Our neighbourhood in Berlin is known for having attracted many Swabians, so much so that Berliners complain that our part of town has lost its original character. Unfortunately, Germany suffers somewhat from a north-south divide, where Swabia and Bavaria pretty much finance the rest of the country while Berliners, on the other hand, are seen by much of Germany as lazy, complacent freeloaders (hint: the airport debacle, if you haven't heard of it google 'BER late opening').

And for those of you who have visited us in Berlin, you may recognize most of the filming locations :o)