Indian Visa On Arrival Application = $$$ for India

Christoph and I will be heading to India at the end of the month to visit friends of ours in Mumbai. We were very excited that we could apply for our tourist visas online and get them upon arrival. This new system only came into effect recently. After applying and working through the online application, it wasn't as nice an expereince as I would have hoped for.

I had to apply for each of us separately. Mine was subsequently approved while Christoph's was rejected. Yes, of course when a husband and wife both apply for visas, you would only approve one of them! All our details were the same and I paid 60 USD for each of us. As Christoph's application was rejected, we naturally called the visa service centre to enquire as to why. They said that Christoph's application was submitted without a copy of his passport. I know that I attached it... but during the online application process, you actually can't see if the document was succesfully uploaded or not. So even IF I hadn't uploaded the document, I was still guided through to the payment page and hence, made a payment. So why would the system allow me to pay for the application if the application was incomplete?

We were also informed that Christoph can re-apply online but will have to pay the processing fee again. It's a sham I tell you! So now I'm waiting to see if we've been ripped off again or if Christoph's second application has been approved. So much for the convenience of an online application!