Busy But Happy Peak Hours

February is a short month but has so far kept us nice and busy here. I went back to school to continue my German classes which have, so far, been very good. The Goethe Institute in Bangkok is tucked behind the German Embassy and is in the same compound as the Thai-German Cultural Centre. Therefore, each day I feel like I'm in a German bubble of sorts :-)

So far, I really like that my class size is tiny; eight students. Yes, eight. Compared to Shanghai where I had twenty-three fellow students; this class feels truly personal. I also really like my teacher, Dora. I had told her that German grammar wasn't my strongest point (in actual fact, I have a slight fear of it) so she's been wonderful in keeping me calm and positive whenever I have to tackle my accusative or dative cases. She's a true education professional and is determined to help me overcome my fear, for which I am very thankful. I'm certain she will be the key to my future success in finally conquering the language!

My classes begin at 8:30 which means that I unfortunately have to join the peak morning rush. This initially made me cringe, as I can still clearly recall my Shanghai peak hour commuting experiences. But after two weeks, I have to say that it's been a great surprise and huge relief. This is where I clearly can see the Thai culture shining through. As not once have I been pushed or squished. No one spits or clears their throats. Everyone lines up in an orderly manner- without touching anyone else! Everyone uses earphones/headphones with their mobile phones or iPods, so it's nice and quiet on the train. No one argues or fights for seats. No one is smelly and best of all, I don't feel like I'm crammed into the train like a sardine in a tin can!

My lessons end at 12:00 which means I have time to get back to our apartment to make lunch. This is a great time to travel as everyone is now heading to their lunch break which leave the trains quite empty :-) My positive commuting experiences give me hope that I can continue to get to my classes in comfort. I have another two and a half months to go, so this is a great start! Yay!