Hello 2015!!!!

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you all had great fun bidding farewell to 2014 and even more fun welcoming in 2015!

Brandenburg Gate: New Year's Party

Brandenburg Gate: New Year's Party

We've had Christoph's 17 year old godson staying with us these past few days and as one does, we took him to Europe's biggest New Year's Eve party at the Brandenburg Gate. Being as we 'older' folks are, Christoph and I would generally celebrate a quiet evening and turn in at a respectable hour- something akin to 'a nice evening in'. Instead, we chose to brave the crowds, the cold and the neverending amounts of public fireworks going off in all directions to show said godson how Berliners see in the New Year.

Here are my takeaways from the evening should anyone want to go through what we did:
- Know that you will be partying with over a million other people: I mean, really understand it. It's a million people in one space. So don't be surprised when there's a queue at the toilets, the drink stands, the food stands and getting jostled while moving from one place to another.
- Be prepared for the cold: We were lucky that the temperatures were mild and it wasn't raining. Thermals were great and make sure to keep those ears warm!
- Be nice to your neighbours: They come in very handy when you need to protect the little space you have around you.
- Not everyone there will be jovial: Some people just can't help but be aggressively grumpy (you discover many when you make your way through the masses to get to the toilets). Wish them a Happy New Year and move on!

The evening turned out to be a big success for us. We had a great spot where we could see and hear the entertainment and boogie to the music. Our timing somehow worked out well and we were there not too early nor too late. The concert's line up was nicely mixed with my highlights being Marlon Roudette, Jimmy Somerville, David Garrett and don't laugh, David Hasselhof! I have never heard him sing before and seeing him on stage was actually good fun!