Shanghai Shuffle

We've been back in Shanghai for almost two weeks and have been keeping busy tying up loose ends and closing down our China life. The difficult part is to severe the China ties all the while thinking that we may be back. At the moment, all options are still on the table.

To officially remove oneself from China, there is a comprehensive list of things to do and everything takes time. An international transfer of funds took Christoph 3 hours to complete on Friday which we are happy with, as we have colleagues who have sat in the bank for 8 hours to make it happen. Our experience may be considered swift and positive even though Christoph wanted to strangle someone while he was there!

Luckily it's all not tedious tasks as we have also made sure to catch up with our friends to say our 'see you later's. It's not farewell until the ink has dried on a new contract and we know where to send our boxes ;-)