Living with a Little Less

We had the last of our sold furniture picked up yesterday and now, a day before we head to Berlin for the summer, the apartment is looking quite sparse.

Before and after shots of the living space.

Before and after shots of the living space.

I have to admit that having a base in Berlin allows us to declutter with the peace-of-mind that we, in fact, already have everything we need. So letting go of our belongings here in Shanghai has been extremely do-able. What's also great is that everything we have given away will get recylced, re-sold or used for while to come. Nothing is ever wasted in China.

Also thanks to modern technology, CDs, DVDs and photo albums are all in clouds hence no need to pack those. Almost all our books are on our kindles... I just can't let go of my cookbooks!... and we have magazine subscriptions on our devices. So what else do we need these days?

The process of decluttering has been very liberating. Having less to lug around gives us less to worry about :-)