Catching Up With The Local News

A local news story that is worthty of a mention, not for the amount of cash that was found, but for what happened while they were trying to work out exactly how much money was involved.

"Law enforcement officers found almost 100 million yuan ($16 million) cash in the home of a senior official of the National Energy Administration who was investigated recently, reported on Thursday.
The officers found the huge amount of cash when they took Wei Pengyuan, a deputy director of the Coal Department at the National Energy Administration, from his home for investigation. They borrowed 16 currency counting machines from a Beijing bank to count the money, and four broke while working, possibly because of the heavy workload, the report said."

The article went on about the crackdown on corruption, but what Christoph and I found to be the most memorable from the article is how 4 counting machines broke down!

Source: Hou Liqiang (2014, May 15) $16m cash found in senior offical's home.