I Forgot How It Felt To Not Have To Worry

I arrived in Berlin on Monday evening and could immediately feel the tightness in my shoulders loosen up. I'm here mainly to check on our apartment. My very first task was to have our bathroom thermostat replaced. It sounds ordinary, mundane even, but coming from China, this simple task, when completed, left me feeling very uplifted.

Let me explain. The arranged time was for 7am. At 7am the doorbell rang. Wow! Workmen who were spot on time! One shoulder knot alleviated. Then, they actually knew what they were doing. Yes, you would think an electrician would know what he or she is doing but in China, they work with a very high possiblity of getting electrocuted. It's very hard to watch. They also come whenever it is conventient for them, giving you very little lead time if any at all.

The thermostat was replaced. It's working and I didn't have to once question, push, prod, worry or get another grey hair. Wow to how such ordinary things can be so nice and uncomplicated - just goes to show you how easy it is to make me happy these days ;o)